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John Cross

West Auckland through to Central Auckland Automatic

John Cross -  West Auckland through to Central Auckland

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My name  is John Cross,I have 28 years experience of teaching driving. I am still alive so I must be doing some thing right!

I feel I am a very patient and understanding of the stresses it takes to learn to drive and I try to teach in a calm,quiet and considerate manner.

I was NZ National gymnastics coach for 25 years and trained 4 Olympians and Common wealth games as Coach so I am used to handling people in

nerve racking situations , sometimes in front of 30-40000 people, TV cameras and judges.

I believe a person needs to be confident in their ability and understanding of the complexities of driving and a thorough knowledge of the driving rules,

and regulations they will have to deal with.

Over the years I have dealt with many different nationalities, some with limited English,also disabilities ie: deaf and special needs.

I had one client who had only leg.

I am still involved with the coaching of coaches

I look forward  to hearing from you to discuss your driver training needs.