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Richard Dodd

Commercial Trainer

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Growing up in a small community up north where my wider family were involved with heavy engineering, transport/heavy machinery, farming and forestry, it was hard to escape an interest in the industry. My first job was a heavy engineering apprenticeship where half of the business was workshop the other half a lime spreading business.  This sore me getting my truck and trailer licence in 1982 when it was possible to do both at the same time, things have certainly changed.  From there I moved to Papakura and did a verity of jobs in the industry.  Warehousing, truck driving both local and line haul, operating various types of other machinery, and an involvement in the Defence Force (transport). 
This lead to doing my instructors certificate in 1992, which became an I endorsement in 1999 when the photo licences came in. 
Recreationally I have been a keen motorcycle rider seen pre-teens, and am still a keen rider both on and off road.
I joined PassRite as a trainer/salesperson in early 2014 and I was transfered to a commercial trainer role 6 months later.