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Car - Class 1

What can I drive?


On a Class 1 (Car) Licence you can drive:

  • Vehicles – Cars, Vans and Utes with a Gross Vehicle Mass of less than 4500 Kg
  • All terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • Mopeds (Scooters) Less than 2Kw – but not Motorcycles.


When can I do car lessons?


At any time that is suitable to you.

We have Instructors in most areas in modern, dual controlled, air conditioned vehicles and offer a door to door service.

Each driving lesson is one hour. 

To find out more about our Car Instructors and the areas they work, please Click Here.


How much will lessons cost?


Our Car Instructors offer both individual lessons and packages depending on the quantity required. 

At PassRite, we like to think that we are flexible and responsive to our customers needs, so talk to our instructors and they will attempt to customize a package for you.

For more information on pricing, package prices and Instructors please contact one of our Car Instructors and they will be happy to assist.


What will I need to do this lessons?


You will require a minimum of a Learners Licence to learn to drive a car on NZ roads

To be able to drive this class of vehicle, there are three stages that you must progress through. 

This is known as the "Graduated Driver Licence System"

The three stages are:

1. Learners Licence:

  • You must be at least 16 years of age

2. Restricted Licence:

  • You must have held your Learners Licence 6 months before you can apply for your restriced licence

3. Full Licence:

  • You must have held your Restricted Licence if under 25 for 18 months, this can be reduced to 12 months if you take a Street Talk Course once you have held your Restricted for 6 months. Over 25 then you must hold your Restricted Licence for 6 months, reducable to 3 if you take a Street Talk Course. You can do the course immediately you receive your Restricted Licence.



Enquire about these Lessons Now


This course does not have a set date, enquire for more details on booking.

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