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Course Prerequisites

You will need as a minimum of a Class 1 licence
What licence is required for what weights

Class 1 Full Licence. You may tow a trailer provided that your combination weight does not exceed 6,000Kg.
Example:Vehicle and its load weighs 2,500Kg.
Trailer and its load weighs1,500Kg.
Total combined weight 4,000Kg
this combination can be driven on a Class 1 licence

Class 2 Full Licence. You require a class 2 licence if the combination is greater than 6,000Kg
Example: Car and its load weighs 2,800Kg.
Trailer and load weighs1,800Kg.
Total combined weight4,600Kg
this combination requires a Class2 licence

The fine for exceeding the weights on a Class 1 licence is a minimum fine of $400.00 and should you have accident at this weight your insurance claim may be declined.