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About this course

To become a driving instructor you will need to do the following

You must have held a full NZ drivers licence for at least 2 years.

Complete and hand in the application form (DL20) to an NZTA authorised office (A.A, VTNZ or VINZ). Bring with your valid I.D (driver licence or passport)

Produce a transport medical (if you haven’t done one in the last 5 years) on application and pass the eyesight test or have your eyes tested by an optometrist (ask for driver licence test, they will have the form required) DL9 Medical form your doctor will have. Medical can be no older than 60 days from when you got it from your doctor till handing it in. (About $80)

Pay the fees applicable. Recommend paying for 1 year initially.

1 year $153.10

5 year $450.30

Sit and pass a full class 1 driving test ($109.50) with a testing officer unless you have done one in the last 5 years. Book this when handing in application.

Pass the Fit and Proper person check. (This starts when you hand in your application form, automatically gets under way. Can take up to 12 weeks to complete). NZTA will look at your driving record and any offences, the Police will look into any criminal history. If you have spent more than 12 months in another country you will need to contact that Police station and get a report from them as well. This can increase the process time past 12 weeks.

If you are looking at teaching heavy vehicle classes. Submit your C.V with all relevant experience at time of application.

We do suggest you do the above prior to commencing the course to help speed up the process.

Complete the approved course covering unit standards

16646, 16647, 14511,14521,14523,20179,20180,3466.

The course will be conducted in a manual Vehicle. You MUST be able to drive a manual vehicle competently prior to commencing the course. If you cannot drive a manual and still want to be an instructor we can organise manual lessons to bring you up to the standard required.

NZTA Fact Sheet No5 is a good point of reference. Click here