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Basic Handling Skills - Experienced Rider

What can I ride?

The Basic Handling Skills Certificate is a prerequisite in obtaining the NZ Class 6 (Motorcycle) Learner Licence. 

After completing this course, you will be able to apply for their NZ Class 6 Learner Licence. The Motorcycle Learner Licence must be held for a minimum of 6 months prior to applying for the NZ Class 6 Restricted Licence. 

Want to test your Road Code knowledge? Follow the link to view the Road Code

PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT licenced to ride on the road until you have gained your NZ Class 6 Learner Licence. 

Your bike must be compliant with the "Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme" as from the 1 October 2012 bikes will be rated on a power to weight ratio. Some 250cc motorcycles now fall outside the power to weight criteria

For a list of LAMS approved more than 250cc motorcycles. Click Here

For a list of LAMS prohibited 250cc motorcycles.                  Click Here

In late 2013, the NZ Transport Agency expects to introduce a competency based training and assessment (CBTA) course as an alternative path to progress through the restricted and full licensing stages. Once developed, applicants who successfully complete this course will be able to present a CBTA certificate at the agent in lieu of some graduated licensing system requirements.


When can I do this course?

For a ful list of course availability, please Click here


What does this course cost?

This course costs $245.00 including GST.


What will I need to do this course?

You will need to wear suitable clothing and covered footwear. 

The motorcycle will be provided on the day. 


Course Outline

Duration 1 ½ Hours

PassRite is proud to be association with Bluewing Honda in conducting these courses at PassRite's outdoor training centre in Onehunga on Saturdays. All training is on a one on one basis as we want students to have individual attention. We will be training and test important life skills to prospective motorcycle riders

This course will cover the following: 

  1. How to walk your motorcycle safely.
  2. How the brakes work.
  3. How to start the engine. 
  4. How to control the Throttle (accelerator) and the Clutch. 
  5. How to use the Indicators.
  6. How to balance while riding slowly in a stragiht line.
  7. How to balance while weaving slowly through a line of cones.
  8. How to to stop from 20 Kph.


The test will comprise of 4 stages

Stage 1 
Demonstrate basic balance and control while
-moving off and accelerating
-riding straight
-negotiating a roundabout
-basic braking

Stage 2
-lateral position
-Speed control

Stage 3
-ability riding through a series of linking corner (both left and right) smoothlyand with the appropriate control

Stage 4
-the ability to ride through a corner at a higher speed
-the ability to brake quickly and safely

On successful completion of our training programme you will be issued a NZTA certificate, which will then need to be taken to a testing agent in order to sit the theory test for your NZ Class 6 Learners Licence. 

For further infirmaiton, please view our Basic Handling Skills Information Sheet

PLEASE NOTE: We require a 24 hour notice of any cancellations