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Motorcycle CBTA Training

What can I ride?

Yiu can ride any bike that meets the LAMS requirement for your present class of licence

To see a list of motorcycles that are LAMS approved  Click Here

When can I do this course?

These courses are run regularly but are on a "On demand" basis

More information to follow shortly

What does It cost?

What will I need to do this course?

You will need to have on the day the following equipment:

  1. Your motorcyle that meets the LAMS requirements for the class of licence you hold. To see a list Click Here
  2. A helmet
  3. Gloves
  4. Suitable clothing (No shorts or Tee shirts)
  5. Suitable footwear (No open shoes, Jandals or sandals. Preferably boots as this gives ankle support 
  6. Your drivers licence 

Course Outline

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This course does not have a set date, enquire for more details on booking.