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School Bus LCP

What can I drive?

You can transport clients with physical impairments in the following vehicles:

  1. Buses


When Can i do this course?

This course is available upon request.

For further information please email


What does it cost?

1-3 Days (per day) - $1,930.00 including GST

1-6 Days (per day) - $1,570.00 including GST


Course Outline

This course is run over 1-6 Days depending on how many unit standards you are wanting to complete.


US 3465 - Describe driving hazards and crash risk reduction strategies and responses to driving hazards (4-6 hours)

US 17972 - Demonstrate knowledge of heavy rigid vehicle dynamics and handling for safe driving (4-6 hours)

US 15163 - Drive a large passenger service vehicle in a fuel efficient manner (4 hours theory plus practical)

US 15162 - Drive a school bus (1 hour theory plus practical)

US 3466 - Apply risk reduction techniques and strategies while driving (practical)

US 15158 - Carry out pre-drive vehicle checks on a heavy motor vehicle, start it up, and shut it down (1 hour theory plus practical)


PLEASE NOTE: We require a 24 hour notice of any cancellations


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