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Total Mobility

What can I drive?

You can transport clients with physical impairments in the following vehicles:

  1. Taxis
  2. Shuttles


When can I do this course?

This course is available upon request.

For further information please email


What does it cost?

US 1734 - $595.00 including GST

US 3462 - $595.00 including GST

US 1748 - $450.00 including GST

US 15165- $150.00 including GST

US 1750 - $150.00 including GST

US 17593 - $360.00 including GST

Or do the whole course for $2,175.00 including GST


Course Outline

This course is run over 2 days and is both a theory and practical course.

The theory consists of 5 Unit Standards:

US 1734 - Demonstrate knowledge of stress, health and fatigue for driving

US 3462 - Demonstarte knowledge of traffic law for the purpose of safe driving

US 1748 - Transport passengers with impairments or disabilities

US 1750 - Foster effective passenger relations

US 17593 - Apply safe work practices in the workplace


The practical consists of 2 Unit Standards:

US 1748 - Transport passengers with impairments or disabilities

US 15165 - Transport passengers in wheelchairs using total mobility vehicles equipped with hoist or ramp


This course is a requirement for the transportation of passengers requiring special needs by:

  1. The Ministry of Education
  2. Local Councils


PLEASE NOTE: We require a 24 hour notice of any cancellations


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