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Workplace Adult Training and Assessment

When can I do this course and where?

Standard assessor & trainer courses are scheduled at the following locations:  Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Feilding, Wellington & Christchurch. 
To find out the dates please click on  ‘Open Courses Timetable for 2017'

For more information and pricing please contact our office on 09-6360111 or freephone  0800-727774.


What are the Unit Standards?

$650 including GST - US 4098 - Use standard to assess candidate performance
$489 including GST - US 11552 - Design and evaluate assessment materials
$489 including GST - US 11551 - Quality assure assessment
$748 including GST - US 7108 - Deliver on-job training for adult trainees
$792 including GST - US 7097 - Facilitate interactive learning sessions for adult learners
$450 including GST - US 7091 - Establish a culturally safe inclusive environment for adults in New Zealand's cultural setting

Developing Workplace Assessors

Observe and analyse

Determine consistency and authenticity of performance.
Determine discrepancies between performance and required standard.
Substantiate authenticity of proofs to determine the scope of ability of candidates.
Planning and preparation
Match assessment materials to required assessment criteria.
Modify context and environment to the special needs of individuals.
Communicate in measurable terns the outline and process of the assessment and the level of required evidence.
Decision Making
Base decisions on evidence that is consistent to decisions based on similar evidence.
Measure outcomes against defined criteria.
Measuring the validity of assessment with what it is intended to measure.
Feedback and reflection
Use of language respects differen cultural needs through appropriate tone and body language.
Identify own strategies and weaknesses through self assessment and make adjustments to own behavior.

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Unit Standard 4098 - Use standards to assess candidate performance.

Unit Standard 7097 - Facilitate interactive learning for adult learners.

Unit Standard 7108 - Deliver on-job training for adults.


PLEASE NOTE: These are open courses and will only go ahead if the course numbers are sufficient.