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What can I drive on what licences

There are 6 licences in NZ.
Class 1 Private motor car up to 6,000Kg
Class 2 Rigid Vehicle up to 18,000Kg or a tuck and trailer combination not exceeding 12,000Kg
Class 3 Truck and trailer combination up to 25,000Kg
Class 4 Rigid truck over 18,000Kg
Class 5 Truck and trailer combination over 25,000Kg
Class 6 Motorcycle 

These are the only licences. You then have 9 Endorsements that attach to the classes of licence that you may have and that will determine the weights of the vehicles that you can drive
. For example:
Class 1 with a P Endorsement means you can drive a Taxi/Shuttle/Car for private hire. Up to 6,000Kg
Class 2 with a P Endorsement means you can drive a Bus. Up to 18,000Kg

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